A masterclass in vegetable growing from Clay Bottom Farm

  • A focus on making a profit

    The only online course for growers with a specific focus on lean thinking and efficiency. Learn from our 10 years of experience making living on a small plot of land--working less than 40 hours per week.

  • Experience

    This course presents solid, tested growing methods from one of the most respected farms in the country. Using Ben Hartman's book, The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables, as a stepping stone, this course goes way beyond the book to show our growing systems in more comprehensive detail.

  • Do-able

    We make a living working reasonable hours, from a modest investment in land and infrastructure. This course tells you how we do it by offering accessible information presented in a down-to-earth manner.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Intro to Lean Market Growing
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    • New Opportunities for Market Growing
    • Lean Math for Market Growers
    • Lining Up Your First Customers
    • Designing the Yearly Farm Plan
    • Finding New Land
    • Bonus Lesson: Finding New Land Interview with Diego Footer
    • When to hire workers
  • 02
    Tools Intro
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    • Hand tools
    • Paper pot transplanter
    • BCS
    • Jang Seeder
    • Tractor
    • Quick hitch
    • Bed shaper
    • Chisel plow
    • Gator
    • Plow
    • Skid loader
    • Sprayer
    • Tools of the future
    • Bonus Lesson: Mari Kondo and Selecting Tools, with Diego Footer
  • 03
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    • Barn House outside tour
    • Propagation House
    • Propagation house ventilation controls and layout
    • Germination chamber
    • Spray Station
    • Cooler Rooms
    • Irrigation System: Drip tape
    • Irrigation System: Overhead
    • Driveways and Access Lanes
    • Our Newest Greenhouse, with Diego Footer
    • Bonus lesson: task management board, with Diego Footer
    • Sending invoices with Quickbooks
  • 04
    Laying out a New Farm
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    • How we layed out the greenhouse
    • Laying out plots and beds
    • Bonus lesson: How we layed out the new farm, with Diego Footer
  • 05
    Bed preparation
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    • Working New Ground
    • Bed shaping
    • Final prep before seeding
    • Faster bed flipping
  • 06
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    • High Carbon Vs. High Nitrogen compost
    • Four Steps to Potent Compost
  • 07
    Paper pot magic
    Show details
    • Paper pot Transplanter intro
    • Paper pot bonus John Hendrickson
  • 08
    Direct seeding tips
    Show details
    • Direct seeding tips
  • 09
    Strageties for no-weed farming
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    • Intro to weed management, with Diego Footer
    • Hand weeding: the tine weeder in the greenhouse
    • Hand weeding: the tine weeder in the field
    • The two month rule: using plastic/fabric mulches
  • 10
    Seedling and Transplant Care Tips
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    • Intro to seeding paper pot chains
    • Intro to the propagation house, with Diego Footer
    • Ventilation and layout of propagation house, with Diego Footer
    • Our paper pot seeding set up, with Diego Footer
    • Seeding plastic plug flats
  • 11
    Transplanting by Hand
    Show details
    • Transplanting by Hand
  • 12
    Insect and Disease Control
    Show details
    • Disease prevention strategies
    • Row cover prevention
    • Tips for spraying Bt for worms
  • 13
    Profitable winter farming
    Show details
    • Profitable winter farming
  • 14
    Cover cropping
    Show details
    • Cover cropping
  • 15
    Tomato masterclass
    Show details
    • Tomato seeding
    • Tomato potting up
    • Tomato fertility
    • Tomato tplanting
    • Tomato set up for indeterminates, with Diego Footer
    • Tomato sucker pruning
  • 16
    My five best-selling crops (besides tomatoes)
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    • Salad Greens
    • Carrots
    • Turnips
    • Kale
    • Head lettuce
  • 17
    Other profitable crops
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    • Beets
    • Arugula
    • Bok Choy
    • Microgreens
    • Mizuna
    • Pea Shoots
    • Green onions
    • Radishes
    • Romaine
    • Swiss chard
    • Basil
    • Cilantro
    • Parsley
    • Peppers
    • Beans
    • Bulb fennel
    • Cucumbers
    • Edamame
    • Eggplant
    • Garlic
    • Kohlrabi
    • Leeks
    • Ginger
    • Rhubarb
    • Shallots
    • Sugar snap peas
    • Zucchini
  • 18
    Clothes for market farming
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    • Clothes for market farming

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