The first steps to take on your new farm

  • A focus on making a profit

  • How to secure those first customers

  • Finding land

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Intro to Lean Market Growing
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    • Welcome
    • Finding New Land
    • Finding Your First Customers
    • Setting Prices with lean...
    • Planning the farm year
    • Lean Concepts for Accounting and Record keeping
    • Workers on the farm
    • Bonus Lesson: talking employees, with Diego Footer
    • Bonus Lesson: Finding New Land Case Study with Amanda and Adam Dilley
    • Bonus Lesson: Applying lean math to compact farming, with Diego Footer
    • Land Suitability Checklist
    • Summary slides: Finding your first customers
    • Summary slides: Setting prices with lean
    • Lean Planning Templates: Heijunka Calendar
    • Lean Planning Templates: Kanban Maps
    • Lean Planning Templates: Veg Per Square Foot
    • Lean Planning Templates: Value Sheet
    • Summary slides: Lean concepts for accounting and recordkeeping
    • Summary slides: workers on the farm