Paper pot transplanter: a powerful tool for micro-farms

  • Comprehensive

    This unique mini-course is the best source available online describing how to use the paper pot transplanter.

  • Real world application

    This mini-course includes lots of footage showing how Clay Bottom Farm uses the paper pot transplanter in real applications.

  • Tips and tricks

    Lessons are full on tips and tricks based our four seasons of using the paper pot transplanter to grow green onions, spinach, turnips, and lots more.

Course curriculum

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    Paper Pot Magic
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    • Welcome video
    • Paper pot Transplanter intro
    • Our paper pot seeding set up
    • Some paper pot transplanting demos
    • Bonus lesson: Another demo seeding paper pot chains
    • Bonus lesson: A conversation with John Hendrickson
    • Ben's paper pot cheat sheet
    • Summary Slides: Paper Pot transplanting at Clay Bottom Farm