This course teaches four concepts at the heart of lean--5S, value identification, muda elimination, and kaizen--and how any size and type of farm can use them to cut out waste and grow more profitable.

Lean is like an extra gear on a tractor. It boosts profits with less work.

  • Comprehensive

    This course does not replicate Ben's book, The Lean Farm. It goes beyond it, adding case studies, concept examples, and much more. Each student will receive an audiobook version of The Lean Farm as part of the course.

  • Practical

    This course goes beyond theory. It shows in detail the lean management systems we use on our farm and includes downloads of our templates for Training Within Industry (TWI), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), value identification, and more.

  • Cutting edge

    US agriculture is ripe for change. Lean is not only a more profitable way to farm, it is a better solution for our food system than the current dominance of mass production farming. This course shows how any size and type of farm can apply lean and stay ahead of the curve.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Lean Farm Foundations!
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    • Welcome!
  • 02
    Mass production vs. craft production vs. lean production in agriculture
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    • The true beginnings of lean thinking
  • 03
    The story of the lean system at Clay Bottom Farm
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  • 04
    5S--Lean's weapon for farm organization
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