Composting pure and simple

  • Small farm compost

    This mini-course shows our unique approach to making lots of compost quickly and efficiently on a small-farm scale.

  • Fast track your farm

    Deep composting is the best way to quickly build soil and start earning high profits from a small plot of land. This mini-course shows you how.

  • Detailed information

    Did you know compost should reach 131F for 5 days to kills pathogens and weeds? This mini-course gives you all the details to make the best fertilizer on earth.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Lean Compost-making
    Show Content
    • Welcome video
    • Intro to Soil Health and Composting
    • Compost-making leaned up
    • 2 Types of Compost
    • Starting a Compost Heap
    • Mulching with Compost
    • Summary slides: Compost-making