The first steps on a new farm

  • Lean farm layout

    You've secured land, but now what? This mini-course explains how to think lean when laying out your farm.

  • Bed preparation

    Clay Bottom Farm uses beds, not rows, to grow crops, and we've developed efficient methods to build and "flip" beds. This mini-course shows you how.

  • Cover crops

    This mini-course will also teach you when--and when not--to to use cover crops on a compact farm.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Farm Layout, Bed Preparation, and Cover Cropping
    Show Content
    • Welcome video
    • Preparing New Ground
    • Preparing New Ground summary points
    • Laying out plots and beds
    • Field discussion--How and why we prepare beds
    • 5-step bed flipping hierarchy
    • Field discussion--5-step bed flipping hierarchy
    • A few bed flipping demonstrations
    • Field discussion--The no-till ideal
    • How we layed out the greenhouse
    • Lean cover cropping
    • Bonus lesson: How we layed out the new farm, with Diego Footer
    • Bonus lesson: Why and how we moved our farm, with Diego Footer
    • Summary Slides: Farm layout, bed preparation, and cover cropping
    • Summary Slides: cover cropping